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It is possible to use less hazardous chemicals
This web site is a catalogue of examples of substitution of hazardous chemicals - case stories describing successful substitutions with less hazardous chemicals. The case stories primarily come from companies, occupational health services and the Danish Working Environment Authority. See the list of contributors

Get your ideas here!
The catalogue is intended as an inspiration catalogue. If you are looking for a solution or an idea, you can see what others have done here. The quality of each example has been assessed by its provider. The examples have not been assessed by others. The Working Environment Authority, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the project managers bear no responsibility for the proposed solutions in the examples. There may be other solutions than those given in the examples of the catalogue. Whether a solution is good or not will always depend on the specific local working conditions. The user of the catalogue must therefore assess whether a proposal is useful in his case or perhaps consult his own advisors in this connection. The aim of the catalogue is not to favour certain products at the expense of others. We welcome further examples for possible inclusion in the catalogue.
Read about the development of the catalogue.

Good inspiration - CATSUB

The latest new examples were entered by: 
Niels Jensen, Jensen Denmark A/S
Jesper Jørgensen, Alectia A/S
Jesper Jørgensen, Alectia A/S
Michael Pedersen, CG Jensen A/S
Finn Jensen, DOB I/S Dansk Overfladebehandling

What is a code-number?
The Danish MAL code system is a simple two-part numerical code system that describes a product's effects on health. Many of the Danish CatSub examples refer to code-numbers. A brief explanation of the codes is therefore given in CatSub. Read this
Using the web site
Everybody has direct access to the entire contents of CatSub. Browse all examples. As there are more than 300 examples, you can limit the selection by using the search box (free-text search in all examples).

You can also limit the examples displayed to certain industries. Browse industries.
Comments and new examples
You can comment on the examples in CatSub. However, you must then log in and register to get a password. Get a password.

A number of persons are authorised to enter new examples (browse list). If you have any examples that you would like to enter in CatSub, you can get access by contacting
CatSub examples are provided in several languages
CatSub provides examples in several languages. Some examples are only found in one language; others have been translated into one or more other languages.
Below you can see the number of examples we provide in each language.

LanguageNumber of examples
Danish 296
German 4
English 153
French 121

International edition of CatSub?
In 2006, we carried out a questionnaire survey to find out whether there was a need for an international edition of CatSub. The questionnaire survey received support from the chemicals group of the Nordic Council. Read more about the survey.

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